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What Insurance do I need ?

We compare prices for you to ensure you get the best insurance at the lowest price. We work with some of the top companies in the industry.  
Commercial General Liability

CGL coverage protects your business from risks and lawsuits like bodily harm, property damage, advertising, and personal injuries

Workers' Comp

Workers' Compensation insurance is an employer insurance coverage that protects the employees who are injured or become disabled as a result of their job. It assures that injured workers get paid benefits in the form of medical care and compensation for a portion of the income 


Erros & Omissions is a liability insurance that covers businesses and license individuals' mistakes and errors such as bad advice, business disputes, and faulty goods and services 

  • Personal Cyber Liability

  • Drone Insurance

  • Recreational Vehicle

  • Home Warranty 

Vacant Property &
Commercial Property
Home Insurance &
Home Business Insurance
Collectables Insurance

Regular Homeowners insurance does not cover vacant homes. Vacant property insurances designed to insure those vacant properties. 

Commercial property insurance will cover the property and its equipment against specified risks. 


Homeowners is coverage on the property, personal belongings, and liability against specified risks

Home Business Insurance is created for those who operate a business from their home. 

Collectable insurance provides broader coverage and protection for collector's items than that found in a regular homeowners insurance.


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